Welcome to Monmouth, Illinois

Nestled on the West Central side of Illinois, near the banks of the Mississippi River you will find Monmouth. We are a city of safe neighborhoods, rural spaces, ag industry, and natural beauty. Also known as the Maple City, our community is destined to become a thriving economic hub with new infrastructure designed to provide strategic opportunity for your startup or business expansion. 

Welcome to

the maple city

Railway Access

Two major transcontinental rail lines, managed by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, pass through Warren County as does Amtrak passenger service. These rail lines are a dependable connection between southwest portion of the United States and Chicago, Illinois.

River Access

Monmouth is located just 20 miles from the Mississippi River and 50 miles from the Illinois River. This proximity is a prime access point for efficient transportation routes facilitating international trade and export.

Thriving Agribusiness

The West Central region of Illinois has some of the best farmland in the USA, with farms and agriculture-related businesses contributing more than 200 million bushels of corn and soybeans to the state’s agriculture economy in 2014. Modernized lock and dams along the Mississippi River allow us to maintain our global economic competitiveness, and create ease for shipping.

Highway Infrastructure

Illinois boasts the 3rd largest interstate highway system in the United States. Within the boundaries of Monmouth run federal highways US 67 and US 34 as well as one state highway, IL 164. These roadways provide connection and access to major hubs such as Chicago, IL, Des Moines, IA, and Kansas City, MO.

Safe Communities

Monmouth’s strong commitment to public safety has helped to keep crime below the national average keeping residents feeling safe and nurturing the small town community feeling. Monmouth’s strong commitment to public safety has helped to keep crime below the national average keeping residents feeling safe and nurturing the small-town community feeling. Additionally, a full-time professional, paid fire department, ambulance service, and state-of-the-art regional hospital and emergency room contribute to the community’s well-being.

map of railroads in relation to Monmouth
map of major rivers in relation to Monmouth
map of highways in relation to Monmouth
map of airports in relation to Monmouth
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Monmouth Community In Unity

The intent of Monmouth’s “Community in Unity” campaign is to work in conjunction with Monmouth College, business leaders, and community advocates to improve the comfort and contentment of all residents by creating an environment where people can achieve their potential in a place they consider home. The purpose is to define a common vision of the community’s future that is equally prescribed and shared by all groups and neighborhoods. 

A place where all families feel welcomed and all children have access to educational expectations that cultivate their intellectual, emotional, and social skills. A place where employers benefit from an available well-prepared workforce and where employees are provided a healthy workplace earning livable wages. A place where people feel connected to the community and each other with a feeling of wanting to stay because they have a sense of belonging in this town. A place where helping others is a natural and instinctive mindset of residents with a social conscience who are eager to support people, volunteer their time, and welcome newcomers. 

“Community in Unity” has as its goals, to care for people, to understand and accept cultural differences, to demonstrate a sense of inclusion, to align activities around a common vision, to recognize the common good of the Monmouth community, and to make decisions today that are in the best interest of Monmouth’s future.

monmouth, illinois

We're Ready to welcome you home

Find an adventure in Monmouth where fishing, boating, and recreation is just a step outside.
Strong schools, family-friendly neighborhoods, and a welcoming community.
Retiring in Monmouth is smart with affordable housing, access to premium healthcare, and a safe, small-town culture.
Many cultures call Monmouth home with over 10,000 people establishing churches, markets, and ethnic restaurants contributing to Monmouth’s vibrant culture.

Are you ready for a change?

Stories of success:

New Look for Monmouth’s Public Square Coming 2024!

The project will offer three main benefits: slowing down traffic around the Public Square where the city’s two major streets, Broadway and Main, intersect; providing more parking spaces in the vicinity; and beautifying the area through green spaces and new benches and lighting.

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