ROE #33 Meeting: High School to College Transition Support

ROE #33 sparks collaboration among district leaders and colleges to enhance high school to college transition. Optimism and commitment prevail for future dialogues.

On November 3rd, ROE #33 convened district superintendents, college leaders, and Regional Office of Education representatives. This collaborative meeting, initiated by Monmouth College, aimed to enhance the transition from high school to college. Participants, including Galesburg and Mercer County superintendents, engaged in roundtable discussions addressing success factors, student profiles, existing support systems, and challenges in the transition process.

The consensus emphasized the need for ongoing conversations, particularly involving high school principals and counselors. Attendees expressed optimism and a commitment to future collaboration, highlighting the importance of these dialogues in supporting students’ successful high school-to-college transition.

ROE #33 intends to continue facilitating such meetings for sustained community engagement in this vital effort.

Read the whole story at WRAM Radio!

***Courtesy of the Regional Office of Education #33***


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