Monmouth Economic Update From Lew Steinbrecher

Steinbrecher shares on the Economic Recovery grant received from the state and on the socioeconomic report showing Monmouth's need for additional housing.

The City of Monmouth has received a grant from the State of Illinois to assist with an economic recovery plan and at the recent City Council meeting, Mark Rothert, the City’s retained consultant, provided council members with a progress report, identifying strengths and weakness, explains City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher:

“Three of the priorities would be to continue to make the infrastructure improvements, particularly as it relates to supporting economic development, including commercial, industrial, and residential. Another one is to actually really advance new residential development. I think we have recognized that here within the administration for many years, that we really do need to attract new residential development. We have been working very hard, but it has been difficult to attract land developers and home builders. Thirdly, would be to identify and secure funding for a full-time economic development professional position for the community.”

Steinbrecher also shared the socioeconomic report showed Monmouth has a strong industrial base with the presence of Smithfield, thus creating the need for additional housing.

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