Sorensen Comes to Monmouth to Spotlight Clean Drinking Water Efforts

Rep. Sorensen secures $1M for Monmouth's water infrastructure, targeting lead line replacements in vital areas. Progress underway.

Representative Eric Sorensen (IL-17) recently joined Mayor Rod Davies and local officials in touring Monmouth neighborhoods to inspect areas slated for lead water service line replacements. Sorensen’s efforts secured nearly $1 million in federal funding for the community’s drinking water infrastructure.

Highlighting the significance of the investment, Sorensen emphasized the commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water. Mayor Rod Davies praised the $959,752 allocation by the House Appropriation Interior Subcommittee, describing it as a crucial step in addressing water quality challenges for Monmouth residents. The funds will target neighborhoods with financial constraints and high-risk properties like schools and hospitals with known lead water service lines.

Monmouth has already started replacing lead water service lines, with Sorensen’s recent announcement securing additional funding. Pending Congressional approval, this support will accelerate the city’s efforts to ensure safe drinking water for residents.

Sorensen accessed these funds through the Community Project Funding process, allowing Congress members to secure resources for vital local initiatives. The comprehensive approach also involved a visit to Monmouth’s Municipal Water Treatment Plant, highlighting the commitment to addressing water infrastructure challenges in the region.

Congressman Eric Sorensen at Monmouth Water Infrastructure


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